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The Lost Plot

An evening of surrealist happenings – 10 February 2023

Readings included: Extracts from Breton’s 1924 Manifesto; The Surrealerpool Manifesto; A selection of ‘Pataphysical definitions; Extracts from Ubu Roi; A Daniil Kharms piece; Lucky’s speech from Godot; A Lewis Carroll extract.

The Surrealerpool film Method and Blue X was shown.
There was an unveiling of found film frames of a mysterious lost Weimar film called Clarimonde

The games of Exquisite Corpse and Definitions were played.
Frottage artworks were created.
A piñata was smashed.

Photo credits. Top row: Douglas Campbell. Middle: Jen Allanson and Slim Smith. Bottom row: Kate Swerdlow @kate_swerdlow_photo

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