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’Patastrophe! No.5


The journal of Surrealerpool Collage of Flâneurial, Alchymical and ’Pataphysical Studies

Issue number five
Published 27 May 2022
297mm x 210mm
ISBN 9781910467220

£7.00 for printed magazine + postage
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Feature articles on Eugène Ionesco, Tate Modern’s ‘Beyond Borders’ exhibition, Georges Perec postcards,
Stellan Mörner, Ted Joans, Surrealism and Feminism, Surrealist architecture

Plus original writing, collage and photography

Contributors: Jen Allanson, Jean Bonnin, Linda Bromilow, Jonas Ellerström, Kit ‘Ratty’ Flemons, Chris Furby, Lucy Granville, Hubert Huzzah, Kate O’Leary, Laura Kenyon, La Sirena, John Richardson, John Row, Simon Ryder, Ron Sakolsky, Reese Saxment, Slim Smith, Jeff Young

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