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’Patastrophe! No.4


The journal of Surrealerpool Collage of Flâneurial, Alchymical and ’Pataphysical Studies

Issue number four
Published 14 February 2022
297mm x 210mm
ISBN 9781910467206

£7.00 for printed magazine + postage
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‘Haunting, Hysteria and Nadja’, ’63’, ‘What Inhabits You?’, ’To The Finland Station – Lenin’s impact as a travel pioneer’, ‘Ill met by headlights, a collision of masks’, ‘Anthony Earnshaw – A Yorkshire Surrealist’, ‘The Marking and Measurement of Time’.

Poetry, collage, illustration and photography.

Contributions from Surrealerpool members, our friends from La Sirena, Wales and Deptford.

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