’Patastrophe! No.1


The journal of Surrealerpool Collage of Flâneurial, Alchymical and ’Pataphysical Studies

Issue number one
Published 5 March 2020
420mm x 148mm
ISBN 9781910467145

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Free PDF in A5 format (different from the printed magazine).
Download a PDF here

Digital edition available for Kindle here

‘Automatic Writing’ by Linda Bromilow
‘Eating with Strangers’ by Shelda-Jane Smith
‘Searching for Surrealist Music’ by Simon Ryder
‘The Mark VII Turing Oneiromancer’ by Hubert Huzzah
‘Three Blind Dice’ by Patrick Dineen
Flash fiction by Susan Comer
Photography by Jane MacNeil
Illustration by Dai Owen
Collage by Slim Smith

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