Dinner Is Served

A film by Linda Bromilow. View the film here

Pope Joan

A talk on Pope Joan by Hubert Huzzah. View the talk here

Surrealism and the Occult

The Rituals Of Merseyside Part XIV The Tea and Fire of Belisama

More details here

Unheimlich Home

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’Patastrophe! No.1

“My synapses have been re-arranged” says one reader.

The journal of Surrealerpool. More information here

Surrealism in Anthropology

A talk on Surrealism in Anthropology by Dr Shelda-Jane Smith. Presented to the Surrealerpool Convocation on 30 June 2020. View the slideshow here

Exquisite Comics

Maxwell’s Detournement

’Patastrophe! No.2

Published 15 May 2020 – more details here

Surrealerpool games

More details here

We Went To See De Chirico (Ocirihc Ed)

Sound piece created by Patrick Dineen, collaging together words written and spoken by the members of Surrealerpool as a response to De Chirico’s paintings. Click here to listen.

By Their Enemies Shall Ye Know Them

Surrealism can be brought into an interesting focus by looking away from its friends, influences and descendents, and concentrating on its enemies.
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Surrealerpool films

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